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Be Happy!!!


That is our approach in life and what is always at the forefront of our minds when shooting our films. We love what we do and we hope you love the films we produce.


Felippe Gonçalves - Professional Videos & Photos LondonFelippe is an extremely happy professional, who believes that the details are what makes a difference when providing a top quality service. He completed his degree in Filmmaking at the University of Beira Interior, in sunny Portugal, before travelling to the UK. Felippe loves the sea, sunny weather and his camera backpack!




Katia - Professional Videos & Photos LondonKatia always had a passion for landscape photography, before finding true happiness in cinema and wedding films when she met Felippe. Today she is proud of her ability to capture the most natural and happy smiles from anyone she shoot, from a blushing bride to a small and innocent child. Katia loves children, animals and lots of laughter!



At FK Pictures our main goal is to always deliver top quality films, for every couple that we meet. It was with this approach that we achieved two international film awards at the 2011 Odemira Film Festival and the 2012 Erasmus Film Festival. Right now, however, all we want to achieve are a stunning array of moments that are going to ensure you’re a proud bride, when watching back at your wedding film.

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